Learning Through Building

Offering LEGO® Themed education at Community Centers, Schools, Museums, and our very own education and party center. These classes range from general building to public speaking, and mechanical engineering.

At Brickapalooza our hands on LEGO® themed classes encourage students to think creatively and collaborate with fellow students to come up with unique solutions to solve a variety of problems.    Our classes are developed to inspire imagination and creativity and most importantly to make learning fun.

Full Class descriptions are listed below the class calendar.  Please call 978-649-2654 with any questions.  Use the calendar below to book classes individually.  If you would like to pre-purchase classes in batches of 4 to save money please click the batch purchase button below and select "Bulk Class Discount @ Brickapalooza".  Once purchased use your credits to book classes, class credits never expire.  Pre-purchases do require that you set up an account.



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If you would like a specific class or the times do not work for you we are willing to work with you to schedule a class at a time convenient to you provided we can meet minimum registration requirements.  Call 978-649-2654 and we would be happy to work with you.


Classes at Brickapalooza, Tyngsboro MA

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Ages are guidelines not rules.